Marni Sees...Ride Along

If you’re looking for a movie that gets you thinking and has a deep meaning behind it, then Ride Along isn’t the movie for you. If, however, you’re after a couple of hours of laughs, no thinking required, you’re set!

Ride Along stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube as Ben and James. Ben is a high school security guard who loves playing shoot-em-up style video games and hopes to make it into the Police Academy so he can finally feel worthy of his girlfriend, Angela, and in turn ask her to marry him. Angela’s big brother, James, who happens to be a police officer, disapproves of Ben and makes it no secret. James decides to take Ben on a ride along with him to see what he’s made of. Making sure he gets all the annoying cases for the day, James hopes to turn Ben off joining the academy. It works at first, until Ben realises James is working on a much bigger case, tracking down crime kingpin Omar, who happens to have never been sighted by anyone…ever.  It doesn’t take long for Ben to start sniffing around and the boys end up with more than the joyride they bargained for.  

Kevin Hart is his signature fast talking and over the top idiot (not a far cry from his Think Like A Man character), and Ice Cube, well he doesn’t go too far out of his comfort zone either falling back on scary/funny persona (pretty much exactly his Captain Dickson character in 21 Jump Street).

I went to a screening attended by Kevin and he had the cinema in stitches before the movie even started, so it definitely can’t be said that the guy isn’t funny.  He even did a huge group selfie with everyone, similar to that of Ellen’s Oscar’s selfie…OK it was nothing like that, but he tried!  The movie isn’t completely terrible in terms of action/comedies, it’s a predictable film that probably should have quit while it was ahead rather than tacking on more and more “action” scenes. Having said that, Universal have already got a sequel on the way, so they certainly believe in the franchise’s ability to make money. You won’t be disappointed by this movie if we’re going by the reactions of the audience at my screening who laughed hysterically for most of the film. If you liked 21 Jump Street, then this movie should tide you over until 22 Jump Street is released.


 Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it already: